Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Fruit of my Seed

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"Parent" is defined as one who begets, gives birth to, nurtures and raises a child, father or mother. Being a parent is defined as the highest spiritual virtue by mankind. However as time has passed on humans have lost their humanity....and parenthood has lost its purity. India has sadly witnessed a huge rise in the number of child sexual abuse cases in the past decade and a shocking revelation is the rise of parent abuse.

To all who is reading this blog I would like to bring your attention to a particular case study which left my peers and I shell shocked. In a city in India, there lived an educated couple, belonging to the upper middle socio economic status. This couple like most Indian couples lived with the husband's parents. The couple was employed in an MNC and were financially sound. They were blessed with a healthy baby girl after two years of marriage. The whole family rejoiced the arrival of the little bundle of joy. Relatives poured in from far and near to visit the couple and to bless the child.

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Three months passed by smoothly and the baby's mother resumed her work post the maternity leave period. She would leave home by 8.30 am and return by 9pm. She did not appoint a maid as her in-laws were more than glad to take care of their grand child. On a hot summer day, the baby's grandparents had left the baby in the care of the child's father as they had to attend a wedding in the neighboring town. The father of the child had taken leave that day as his parents would return only late in the night.

Now the unimaginable happened.....

The mother returned home from work. She called out to her husband, but he did not respond. She climbed upstairs to go to her room. To her dismay she found her baby dead lying in an incorrigible state. The father had sexually abused the child and the child died. The mother in a fit of rage started throwing furniture and anything she could lay her hands on. The father pretended as if nothing had happened. Neighbors rushed to the house after listening screams and sounds. At first they were shocked to see a seemingly pleasant lady acting wild. The neighbors summoned the police. The police arrived at the crime scene. The mother was beyond the phase of consolation. the father was arrested. The cops thrashed the father and he said that he had not done anything wrong as "THE CHILD WAS THE FRUIT OF HIS SEED AND HE HAD THE RIGHT TO DO ANYTHING HE PLEASED".The grandparents arrived just in time to see a small bundle soaked in blood being carried away in an ambulance.

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Nothing unusual happened after this crime.....

The father of the baby got a lawyer who helped him escape from the usual sentence but instead showed certificates claiming that he was mentally unstable and hence was to be put in a mental healthcare center and NOT IN JAIL! The grand parents couldn't stand the shame and went back to their native place. As for the mother she was diagnosed with major depression and attempted to commit suicide  more than nine times in a span of 2 months.......

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ICD10 and DSMIV would classify this as Pedophilia and Paraphilia respectively. Has humanity gone down the drains?? Can such inhuman incidents get the tag of unstable mental health in the long run??

Nothing Unusual....many questions and no right answers.....


  1. Shocking and disturbing.. but essential to bring such issues to public notice. Keep at writing Saumya. Best, Chaitanya

  2. True... many such abuses are left unspoken, unnoticed and even supported by other adults...


    1. Sad state of affairs but seems to be happening everyday.

  3. True... No solutions or answers..

  4. being abused is a very tragic and very painful for those who have abused..but we all have our rights and speak it out..its not good to hide so those people who are suffering from being abused see a psychiatrist they would surely help you with your problem


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