Friday, 4 May 2012

The Peeing Boss!

Once upon a time there was a Bad Boss. He would yell, scream and verbally abuse his fellow subordinates. He would insult them with harsh words and belittle them on the basis of caste, creed, color, edu qualification, etc,etc.. He had his pets or personal favs too (u know those would suck up to him and dance to his every whims and fancies sorts). He would not pay his employees on time and would never give them leave during personal emergencies. In a nutshell he was a pain in the A**!

Those who are reading this blog may have encountered such bosses in the past (and those who didn't....Lucky u!!) Well a hapless employee can pretty much put up with a boss's tantrums (even tough silently one would wish to chop him up and feed him to the pigs!). What choice does one have when recession occurs every two years!! (eyes rolling). However what can one do when one has to share a common loo with the boss and other employees........sounds familiar huh??........but one can one do when the boss pees all over the toilet seat leaving it yellow and stinky......yucccccccccccckkkkkkk, barf,barf,...........!!!!!

Poor employees have no choice but to resort to bladder control strategies or their last resort would be to dash to the closest public toilet (if u don't mind paying for the loo) or the five star hotel which guarantees a clean loo 24*7....

The maid Kanta Bai frets and fumes to clean the loo daily......she is  human aint she? The moronic boss sadly cannot understand her marathi abusive lang....good for him...blo****  ra***l! The boss who claims to know it all doesn't have toilet your Mom "Potty train" you :P :P :P!

As time rolled on Kanta Bai quit.....attrition rate increased as employees couldn't take his demonic attitude and his pee problem......a chirpy trainee who quit sent him a gift through contained Harpic, toilet paper, Dettol, Lizol and toilet swipes  and a framed pic which quoted ........


Disclaimer : All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental....ya right !!


  1. :-) i guess i ll need a cork to shove up ma bosses rear!!!

  2. Loved it!! But I do have a suggestion... Skip the :P and :) Emoticons. You have a super flair for writing and I enjoy reading it.. But then the emoticons make me get back from the "engrossed-in-reading" mood to a "chat-message" mood. Keep going! You're awesome! Veenz

  3. quite funny but very informative..before applying a job you should know the background first and read some blogs that would give you tips on how you would deal with your boss.


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