Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Story for Every Parent

Once upon a time there lived a young happy married couple, John and Anita. They were software professionals residing in Mumbai. Both were employed in an MNC and were financially sound. After two years of married life they were blessed with a healthy child. They were a happy family.
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After the customary three month maternity leave Anita had to leave her child under the care of her mother in law Joanne, as she did not trust any care taker due to the high incidence of child abuse. She had heard lot of stories which her friends and family had told her. Anita loved her child and as any mother she was fiercely protective of her child. The presence of Joanne was a soother for Anita. She felt she could leave her child under Joanne's care, whom else to trust other than your own in law?

Joanne adored her grand child and did her best to keep the baby healthy and comfortable at all time. The little bundle of joy kept her on her toes and she would get fatigued by the end of the day. Luckily for Joanne she became friendly with her next door neighbors. Her neighbors was a family of four which consisted of Ram the father, Tina the mother, Pinky their twelve year old daughter and Vicky their fifteen year old son. Every weekday at 6 pm Joanne would take her grandchild to her neighbors house. She and Tina would go for their evening walk, leaving the baby under the care of Vicky as he was old enough to babysit the child. Pinky had her ballet classes at 6 and her father only returned home from work at 9 pm just like John and Anita.

This routine of Joanne went on for a few months, when her grand child was seven months old, the baby became cranky, would have crazy crying spells, had mild fever and had other typical symptoms of stomach ache. John and Anita rushed to a pediatrician and got their child examined. the doctor assumed the baby is suffering from gastroenteritis and prescribed an over the counter anti gas bubble medication for the child. Anita started the medication for the child and observed for a week. Sadly there was no improvement.
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Anita took her child to the doctor for re-examination. This time the doctor recommend an abdominal scan. The scan shocked the doctor. He ran a few tests again and asked Anita to meet him the following day to collect the results of the tests. Anita and John came to meet the doctor the following day. The doctor requested for the baby's daily routine. He specifically probed on whom the child was interacting with, did they have any domestic help , or any relatives living with them. All these questioned puzzled the couple. The doctor requested Anita to take her child home and assured that he would discuss what needs to be done for her child with John. 

After Anita left, the doctor again questioned John about the baby's daily routine and also whom all was the child interacting with. He replied that his child was being taken care of by his mother and in the evening while she would go on her walks she would leave the baby under the supervision of his fifteen year old neighbor Vicky. The doctor looked disturbed and remained silent for a few minutes. This made John highly anxious. "Why is the doctor so quite?? What is wrong with my child? "

The doctor showed the lab results and the scan and broke out the heart breaking news to John. The baby had stomach ache because there was sperm deposited in the tummy of the child. The neighbor boy Vicky had apparently abused the child on a regular basis by exploiting the child's sucking reflex. John cried out in disgust and broke the doctor's glass table top. He was shocked and terrified. He yelled and screamed. The doctor pacified him after a few minutes. He explained to him the dangers of today's world and advised him that parents should never blindly trust anyone. After an hour of tutoring and consoling John finally left the doctor's room.

The doctor had many file cabinets each named after the common ailments like Viral, Chicken Pox, Measles  etc. He  opened one of his several file cabinets and placed John's child's file with the numerous other patient files.This particular file cabinet had more than two hundred files in it under the current financial year and it was labelled " Child Abuse".

Note: Dear readers, child abuse is on the peaks globally. Laws have to be revamped to punish those who indulge in such deeds. Parents need to be more vigilant on their children irrespective of the child's gender and age. Most importantly trust no one. For more info on child abuse please click the following link,

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  1. love your blog,its very informative..every child is innocent so we parents should set a good example for our children..a parents guidance and a parents teachings should be learn first at our children will grow a good citizen..

    human psychology

  2. Very much needed blog Saumya. Sadly, this has become so common. Regs, Chaitanya

    1. Hoping the government would take strong legal actions against abusers. I wonder if there is any other way to bring justice to innocent people?

  3. Heart wrenching story. Only wish such incidences weren't a common occurance these days ... :( Very well written.

  4. My heart just broke. Completely.


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